What is Snooze?

Snooze a prospect to take a break from being notified about them

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Shoppers are on your website a lot. This is a good thing but it also means getting a lot of alerts for those busy shoppers. That’s why we built the snooze feature. Snooze prospects you don’t need to hear about everyday but still want to keep on your radar. When a prospect is snoozed, you will not receive notifications about them or see them in the Coffee Report or lists. Learn how to snooze a prospect.

You can set a date for how long you want to snooze a visitor but the default is 7 days. . If you never want to hear or see a prospect again, you can hide the prospect instead. 

Ready to start receiving notifications for the visitor again?

Go to your Snoozed list in the Sales Enablement module and hover over the visitor. You can click the ‘Resume’ button on the visitor to add them back to your visitor lists and begin receiving alerts when they’re active on your website. 

Note: While a visitor is snoozed, Foureyes will continue to track the visitor’s web activity which you can see in their Profile page.

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