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How do I snooze a prospect?

Learn how to snooze a prospect and take a break from receiving notifications about them

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If you want to stop receiving notifications about a prospect for a set amount of time, you can simply ‘snooze’ them. There are two ways to snooze a prospect in Foureyes. 

From your visitors list 

  1. When you hover over the visitor’s name, you will see their contact card appear on your screen. In the top right of the contact card, there is a button with a bell icon.

  2. Click the bell to see the ‘Snooze modal’ on your screen. From this view, you can set the Snooze Period and add a Snooze Reason. The default Snooze Period is one week.

  3. Click the red Snooze button and the visitor will be added to your Snoozed list

From a prospect’s Profile Page

  1. Under the prospect’s name in the left panel, click the ellipses button to see drop down options. 

  2. Click “Snooze prospect” and it will open a confirm modal where you can note a reason for snoozing the prospect

  3. Click “Snooze” to save changes

  4. Once you snooze the prospect, you will no longer receive notifications for this prospect for the set amount of time and they will be removed from all lists except the Snoozed list in Sales Enablement.

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