How do I hide a prospect?

Learn how to stop receiving notifications for a prospect forever

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If you never want to receive notifications on a prospect or see them in your lists again, you can simply ‘hide’ them. Steps to Hide a Prospect: 

  1. Go to the prospect’s Profile Page 

  2. Under the prospect’s name in the left panel, click the ellipses button to see drop down options. 

  3. Click “Hide prospect” and it will open a confirm modal where you can note a reason for hiding the prospect

  4. Click “Hide” to save changes

  5. Once you hide the prospect, you will no longer receive notifications for this prospect and they will be hidden from all lists except the Hidden list in Sales Enablement.

Tip: Don’t be too quick to hide a prospect! We’ve seen many prospects marked as ‘sold’ in the CRM shopping online for a second car for themselves or a family member. Be certain that this prospect is no longer in the market, and won’t be again in the near future.

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