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Generate appointments directly from Prospect Engagement emails

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What is it?

With the Schedule a Test Drive email call-to-action, prospects can schedule a test drive appointment directly from Prospect Engagement emails. 

You can select between the following test drive options:

  • Standard - your classic on the lot appointment

  • At-home - a more flexible option to support you as business is not “as usual”

How do prospects know they can schedule a test drive?

When your prospects are alerted of your inventory through a Prospect Engagement email, they will see a call-to-action button that they can click to schedule an appointment. 

What happens when a prospect clicks to schedule from an email?

Clicking the call-to-action will bring them directly to your website where the form to schedule will automatically display. 

See the how your prospects experience this feature below:


At home:

How do I know when someone requests a test drive?

The test drive details are sent directly to your CRM as a lead via ADF for you to take action. 

Will this be included in all of our emails?

Not all - Prospect Engagement targets subscribers to optimize conversions.

Be the first to try the feature!

This beta feature is available to all Prospect Engagement Pro users. Email us at [email protected] with your selection of “at-home” or “standard” and we’ll set it up for you.

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