How to use Inventory Insights

Uncover your inventory advantages to boost your sales conversations

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Looking for something to say? Look no further. Use inventory insights for talk tracks on your dealership’s new inventory price, discount and availability advantages, based on factual market data. This dashboard can be used on the fly with a customer in real-time or when following up. 

Let’s take a quick tour

Uncover Insights

Vehicle Filtering

Filter by year make model and trim to find insights and top vehicles.

Search by VIN to find vehicle specific talk tracks and insights.

Competitor Radius

Choose between a 20 and 100 mile radius to see your competitive advantages in your surrounding market and the number of competitors you have in that given radius.

Quick Filters

With one click, see organized lists of your inventory based on price, discount and age.

Best Priced

Top 10% of vehicles in your inventory based on price

Price Drops

Vehicles that have been reduced by $250 or greater over the last 7 days

New on Site

Vehicles that have been added to your website in the last 7 days

90+ Days

Vehicles that have been listed on your website for at least 90 days

Best Discount

Top 10% of vehicles in your inventory based on discount amount (MSRP - Price)

View All

All vehicles in your inventory

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