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How to qualify lead actions

3 Steps to qualify your lead actions

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In traditional digital marketing, everything is considered a lead leaving you to figure out why you have a ton of leads and not a lot of sales. Your qualified prospects are the ones your sales team has the best chance of closing. Qualifying lead actions in Foureyes helps you determine what can actually generate sales so you can invest in the lead gen that impacts your bottom line.

Qualify your leads based on what matters to your business in the Omni-tracking module.

How to qualify a lead

1. Click Unsorted in the Leads section

2. In the first column 'Lead Action', click ‘View’ to see the lead preview to determine if it is qualified or disqualified using the additional lead details (e.g. summary, call recording, form comment)

3. Select the to qualify or the to disqualify. Leads will then be automatically sorted in their respective segments.

Pro tip: Click the 'Columns' button in the top right corner of your Leads List to remove or add columns based on the information you think is important to consider when qualifying leads. Plus, your column selections will be saved for next time you access this list.

Learn more about the benefits of qualifying your leads here.

Wish analysis could be automated? Foureyes can analyze your leads for you with Safety Net. To learn more, chat us here, or email us at [email protected].

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