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What happens when a lead is qualified or disqualified?
What happens when a lead is qualified or disqualified?

The benefits of qualifying your leads

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After a lead is qualified or disqualified, it will show up under the respective segment in the Leads section so you can narrow your focus for targeting and reporting. This means you can:

Make better business decisions

Qualifying your leads gives you the clearest picture of how much potential revenue you’ve generated. Drill down to learn which channels and sources are providing the most quality leads to influence marketing decisions and invest in lead generation efforts that are bringing in the best opportunities for your sales team.

Prioritize your lowest hanging fruit

Too many leads and too little time means prioritizing is key. Qualifying leads brings your lowest hanging fruit to the surface so your team can focus their efforts. Turn this up a notch with daily hit lists and alerts when these qualified opportunities return to your website. It’s all about the right prospect at the right time - Check out the Sales Enablement module where morning Coffee Reports and Real Time Notifications do just the trick.

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