Using List by Inventory to Move Vehicles Off Your Lot

Generate a hit list of prospects who've viewed particular inventory

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When it comes to selling cars, time is money, and almost every month, you're challenged to hit new vehicle incentive goals. With List by Inventory you can generate a list of every qualified prospect who's viewed a particular vehicle in the last 2 weeks.

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Accessing List by Inventory

From the Sales Enablement tab in Foureyes, select List by Inventory from the menu on the left.

From here, you have two options:

1. Moving a Make/Model with the 'Inventory Type' Search

If you're looking to move a particular make/model to hit an incentive target or push a high-margin model, select Inventory Type. Use the dropdowns to select your Make and Model.

Next, if desired, select a Year and/or Condition. Click Generate, and you have a list of every prospect who's viewed those specs. Use it as a targeted call sheet or an email hit list!

2. Moving a Specific Vehicle

If you have a specific vehicle that you’re trying to move, whether it's aged inventory or a car you overpaid for at auction, use a Specific Type search using the VIN or stock number.

Just like the Inventory Type search, click Generate, and you'll have a list of all the prospects who viewed that car.

The List by Inventory feature in Sales Enablement is here to tee you up for targeted follow-up. No more blindly pushing incentive vehicles on all your customers, fewer cars depreciating on your lot. Go direct to the prospects that are interested and move that inventory!

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