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Using a Prospect’s Profile Page to Uncover What to Say

Inventory Views, Search Terms, Talk Tracks, and More!

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In this video, you’ll learn about the Profile Page. We’ll review what it is and how to use it to uncover what to say when following up.

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What is the Profile Page?

A prospect’s profile page gives you a complete picture of their activity on your website, and it’s just one click away from any Foureyes email or text notification – no login required.

Send a Text or Email

Use Suggested Talk Tracks to fire off a text or email to your prospect. These talk tracks are generated based on the prospect’s website activity and customized to their interests – so all you have to do is copy & paste!

Prep for a Call

Understand the Prospect's Preferences

If you’re getting ready for a follow-up call, start by getting familiar with what the prospect wants. From one lead action, it can be hard to tell whether a prospect is open to other options, but website activity gives you that insight.

Look to Condition Preferences to understand whether they’re shopping new vehicles exclusively, sticking with used, or considering both.

Then, look to Browsing Price Range see how broad the prospect's price range may be.

Identify Vehicles They May Like

Before talking to a prospect, it’s important to know whether they’ve narrowed on a specific car on your lot, so the Inventory table is your next stop.

From here, see every vehicle the prospect has viewed on your website.

Sort the table by Last Viewed to see which inventory the prospect visited most recently.

Compare Last Viewed to Total Views to see whether the prospect is coming back to the same car again and again.

If the prospect has narrowed on a vehicle, be sure to highlight that car first when you reach out.

Take Note of Green Tags

Incorporate any green tags you see in your conversation to drive urgency, or use them as an excuse to reach out.

  • If a vehicle was Recently Reduced in price, share the good news!

  • If a vehicle is New on Lot, keep the prospect in the loop!

  • If a car is Popular, let the prospect know that others are interested, and it won’t last long!

Identify Desired Specs

Before giving a call, check out the prospect's search history to understand exactly what they want, down to trim level, color, and special features.

Stay tuned in to these specifications throughout your conversation to give your prospect an attentive, positive experience and get them into the right car faster.

Make the Call

The Profile page grants you behind-the-scenes access to what’s going through a buyers’ mind as they shop for a car. Review their profile page to understand what they actually want and keep your follow-up relevant and urgent. Approach prospects confidently, with profile page insights top-of-mind, and get more customers in the door.

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