Use Banners to Promote Low Inventory Offers

Customize Your Prospect Engagement Emails to Meet the Moment

Written by Foureyes
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In a low inventory market, you have to make the most of what you've got. Adding a banner to your Prospect Engagement emails is a great way to get more eyes on your offers.

When supply is low, and demand is high, consider promoting:

Trade-In Incentives

A prospect who's trading in a vehicle is twice as valuable as a prospect purchasing a car without a trade-in. Make sure your customers know about the trade-in incentives at your dealership!

Custom Ordering Options

Sometimes the best way to ensure a customer buys from you is to take a custom order and take them out of the market. Let your prospects know they can order the car they want if they're not finding it on the lot right now.

Pro Tip: use existing creative elements from your website or digital advertising campaigns, and link to the relevant landing page on your website.

Customize your Prospect Engagement emails to make them work overtime. Solicit new trade-ins or capture incremental sales, even when you don't have the right car on your lot.

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