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How it works

Close Rate compares your performance by lead source against the industry average. If you have multiple stores, it helps you compare apples to apples across your group.

The Close Rate report has two views: "By Source" and "By Channel"

Close Rate by Source

Close Rate by Source looks at the CRM Source for all your leads, and compares their close rate vs industry average.

By default, Close Rate uses a 30-day close rate period, but you can adjust that in the "Filters" section, as well as filtering by Source Type, Opportunity Type, Year, Make and Model.

* note: Industry Average is currently only available for 30-day close rates

You can select different lead sources to comparing similar vendors, as well as adjusting the "Min. Leads" threshold to filter any low volume lead sources that might throw off your average.

Clicking "View All" will show you a complete list of your lead sources, with all close rate periods listed side-by-side

Not seeing a lead source you would expect?

  • Check the "Lead Source" dropdown to see if it's selected

  • Set the "Min. Leads Threshold" to 1

  • Remove any filters on YMM, Source Type, or Opportunity Type.

Still not seeing it? Reach out to our team and we'll take a look!

Close Rate by Channel

Close Rate by Channel looks at when opportunities were created, and looks at that customer's website activity to "reattribute" them to their most recent acquisition channel.

You can filter this report by Close Rate Period, as well as Opportunity Type and vehicle year, make, and model.

Clicking "View Details" provides a drilldown by channel and referrer, allowing you to go a level deeper into your lead's true source.

Close Rate by Channel is based on a last touch attribution model.

For more details on how your website traffic is converting into leads and sales, check out Web Traffic Report Card

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