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Email delivery days and times

Details on when and how often emails are sent to subscribers

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Email Delivery

Foureyes sends dynamic emails daily. We are continuously testing and optimizing send times based on the performance of thousands of accounts and millions of emails. We've found morning send times have the highest engagement and emails are typically delivered in the morning, seven days a week.

Email Frequency

Email frequency is dictated by each customer’s level of engagement. Each time an email is set to go out, vehicles are refreshed in the email to reflect the lead’s most recent shopping behavior and any new changes made to inventory on the website. Eligible prospects can receive up to two emails per day—one Suggested Vehicles email and either one New on Lot email or one Price Drop email. Initially, contacts are likely to receive 2-3 emails per week. If a customer interacts with Foureyes emails and the dealer’s website, that frequency can increase up to 4-6 emails per week. If their engagement goes down, so will the number of emails they receive each week.

Sending Your First Emails

Foureyes will start sending to customers after your account is set up by the Foureyes team. This often takes a couple of days after you complete the Onboarding Process. We will send you an email to let you know that Foureyes emails have begun sending on your dealership's behalf.

Tip: Email frequency is determined by customer engagement, but email sends are triggered by customer, website, or CRM activity. Learn more about email triggers here.

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