What will I learn about Sales Enablement?

Follow this training playlist where you'll find a sequence of quick videos & resources on how to use Sales Enablement to help your team work smarter and get more customers in the door.

Who's it for?

Perfect for new manager users that need the basics to get started or managers looking for a refresher.

How long will it take?

1. Intro to Sales Enablement (1 min)

2. Using the Coffee Report to help your team prioritize follow up (3 min)

3. Using the Visitor's List to monitor real-time opportunities (3 min)

4. Using the Profile Page to help your team uncover what to say (1 min)

5. Customizing the Visitors List to maximize your data (3 min)

6. Using List by Inventory to Move Vehicles Off Your Lot (2 min)

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