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Connecting your CRM

Foureyes integrates with your web-based CRM

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Available with: Prospect Engagement Pro

Foureyes integrates with your web-based CRM to allow all your leads to receive emails.

About the integration

Our integration is bi-directional, meaning it pushes information from Foureyes into your CRM and vice versa, from your CRM into Foureyes.

Types of data that Foureyes pulls or inputs into your CRM include:



  • Email sent records (added to CRM notes)

Integration setup

Integration authentication

Before you can add contacts to Foureyes or sync data, you'll need to connect your Foureyes account to your CRM. This process is known as authentication.

This authentication between Foureyes and your CRM is set up during onboarding. You’ll need to set up a new CRM user account, and provide us with the username and password.

Note: This information is kept encrypted and secure in our system post-onboarding. If you have further questions about how we handle client data privacy, please visit our privacy policy.

Did your dealership get a new CRM? You’ll need to set up this new CRM to integrate with Foureyes. Contact us here with the new set of login credentials and the name of your new system, and we’ll make the switch for you.

Contact creation

Once the integration is set up, Foureyes can see all the contacts in your CRM. Voila! Contacts eligible to receive emails are immediately added to email campaigns.

Exclude contacts

If you don’t want specific contacts to receive emails, Foureyes can set up exclusion rules with your CRM integration. See here for details.

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