Weekly Engagement Reports

A recap email of your weekly metrics

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Weekly engagement reports are emailed to Sales Managers each Friday at 8:00 a.m. in your account’s timezone. Reports are sent weekly to provide you with insight into the previous week’s email performance and include prospect information that can be used in follow up.

The first half of the report focuses on email performance.

At the top of each engagement report, you’ll see a snapshot of email metrics from the week prior, including:

  1. Number of subscribers emailed

  2. Number of emails sent

  3. Email open rate

  4. Email click rate

The second half of the report includes prospect information that can be used in follow up.

You’ll see a summary for each of the leads who clicked on an email, including:

  1. Name & email address

  2. Most recent email click

  3. Reasons to engage

For more information about each lead, you can click [View Profile]. Doing so will take you to their Profile Page, where you can view all emails sent to that lead, as well as review their recent website engagement and see what they looked at on your site.

The ‘Reasons to engage’ section provides information about the vehicle or recent email click to assist with your follow up when contacting each prospect.

If you would like to adjust date ranges or review the complete performance of your Foureyes email campaigns, log in to your Email Log.

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