Adding the right Sales Enablement users

A guide to inviting the users who will get the most out of this tool

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Sales teams come in all shapes and sizes, whether you have a BDC, one sales team that does it all, or a hybrid approach, the users you invite to Sales Enablement should reflect your sales structure.

Follow the questions below to identify the team members who will get the most value out of Sales Enablement.

1. Do you divide lead assignment based on source?

Are internet leads handled by a specific team and walk ins handled by another or do you have one team that does it all? Itโ€™s important to invite team members who are responsible for internet calls, forms and chats because Sales Enablement will alert them when these opportunities return to your website.

โœ… We recommend inviting team members who handle forms, chats and calls from your website.

2. When it comes to internet leads, who owns scheduling?

Sales Enablement helps team members prioritize who to call, uncover what to say and spot opportunities to schedule more appointments. Whether your sales team is broken up by schedulers and closers or you have salespeople who do it all, invite team members who are responsible for scheduling appointments.

โœ… We recommend inviting team members who schedule appointments.

3. Who is responsible for follow up strategy?

When it comes to deciding who to call first and what to say, are your team members autonomous or are the managers calling the shots? The visibility and insights Sales Enablement provides helps your team prioritize who to call and strategize what to say, so we recommend inviting the people making these decisions.

โœ… We recommend inviting team members who run point on follow-up strategy.

Anything else I should consider?

Some team members may need to see it to believe it. Start with those who are hungry to use new tools to inspire the rest of your sales team with the outcomes they achieve.

Ready to invite your team? Check out this article to learn how to add users.

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