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Using Return Notifications to Jump on Hot Opportunities

Strike while the iron is hot with email and text alerts

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In this video, you'll learn how to use Return Notifications to jump on hot opportunities.

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What are Return Notifications?

Return Notifications alert you every time a qualified prospect returns to the dealership website to shop.

Think of a return visit to your website as a prospect coming back to your virtual showroom. The Foureyes notification is a tap on the shoulder, letting you know they’re back and that now is a great time to follow up.

You can choose to receive Return Notifications as email alerts, text notifications, or both.

Use Email Alerts to Jump on Hot Prospects

Get Up to Speed on the Prospect

At the top of a Return Notification, you'll find key pieces of info to remind you who the prospect is and where they're at in their buying journey.

1) Summary of the prospect's most recent website visit

2) Last Lead Action - When did the prospect last reach out about a vehicle?

3) Last CRM Activity - When did you last follow up? Did you reach the prospect?

Capture the Prospect's Attention

Before giving a call, look to the prospect's vehicle views for key insights that will capture their attention.

4) Number of Views

This gray tag tells you how many times a prospect has viewed the vehicle.

If you know a prospect is coming back to the same vehicle again and again, you’ll want to highlight that vehicle in your follow-up.

5) Inventory Tags

Be on the look out for green tags that highlight key insights about the vehicles your prospect has viewed:

  • Popular - many people are browsing this vehicle! Let your prospect know that other people are interested to drive urgency.

  • New On Lot - this vehicle just hit the website! Let your prospect know you've got a new vehicle they might love.

  • Recently Reduced - the price just dropped on this vehicle! Share the good news with your prospect.

Stay One Step Ahead

Use the timeline of the prospect's website visit to anticipate their needs and interests.

6) Page views can tell you more about how they plan to purchase. Are they looking to trade in their current vehicle? Are they considering a lease?

7) Search terms can tell you what a prospect is looking for, from make/model down to trim level and special features.

Log That Follow-Up!

Once you've followed up with the prospect, log your activity in their CRM record — the link is right here in the notification, so it’s just one click away.

Use Text Alerts to Jump on Hot Prospects

When you receive return notifications as text messages, it’s just as easy!

From the notification, you can click through to the prospect's Profile Page to get even deeper insights like browsing price point, condition preferences, and most-viewed inventory.

In a hurry? Use Suggested Talk Tracks to follow-up with ease!

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