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See true ROI with Vendor Overview + Vendor Details
See true ROI with Vendor Overview + Vendor Details
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How it works

Vendor Overview rolls up all your leads sources, combining sessions, leads, reattributed leads, and sales to give you visibility into your overall volume.

Vendor Details allows you to go deep on a single vendor to view the impacted opportunities at a customer level.

Vendor Overview

The roll-up view of sources lives in the "Vendor Overview" report:

The default date range is "this month", compared to previous month. You can filter by Source Type, and toggle to a different Web Attribution Model depending on how you want to look at the data.

If you have budget data, it will calculate period spend, and generate a cost-per-lead and a cost-per-sale.
If you have multiple stores, you can select a vendor to see that breakdown by store. If you want to go even deeper on a vendor, you can toggle over to Vendor Details.

Vendor Details

Vendor Details enables you to pick a single vendor, and go deep on their website traffic + CRM opportunities. Just pick from the Vendor List and go!

Here you can toggle between different attribution models, as well as add a monthly spend override to calculate Cost-per-Lead and Cost-per-Sale

Not seeing anything in Vendor Details?

You might not have a vendor selected. Pick a vendor from the dropdown in the header and it should load details from there.

Beyond session-based data, there is also a list of all influenced opportunities and sales. You can see the breakdown by influence type, as well as the individual customer details on hover.

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