How does Foureyes track website referrals?

Our script sees everything GA sees, and more

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Foureyes website tracking is based on the data collected by the Foureyes Script, which is placed on all websites tracked on a Foureyes account.

Our script collects referral data in similar ways as you might expect in Google Analytics. We gather the referral details of a session from the following data points:

  • channel

  • referrer URL

  • utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign parameters

  • digadprovider tags

Each of these values get translated through our Vendor Mapping logic to give each session a single source value.

Not seeing a website referral source you expect?

We might not have mapped it yet! Reach out to our team and we can take a closer look.

What attribution model does Foureyes use in UDP?

It depends on the report!

For Close Rate by Channel, we use a "Last Touch" attribution model that prioritizes visits with lead actions. The logic is as follows:

  1. Look at the 24 hours leading up to the CRM lead. If a visit exists, use the latest.

  2. If no visit exists in the 24 hours leading up to the lead, look at the 24 hours following the lead and take the earliest of those

  3. Find whether or not any of these visits had a lead action. If so, take the most recent visit with a lead action. Otherwise, take the most recent visit.

  4. This is then limited to looking at the first pageview of the most recent visit for the source and channel.

For Web Traffic Report Card and Vendor Overview + Details, we allow you to choose your attribution model, between:

  • first touch prior to lead

  • last touch prior to lead

  • last non-direct touch prior to lead

  • any touch prior to lead

  • any touch prior to sale

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