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Understanding email campaign triggers

Details on what initiates Foureyes Prospect Engagement emails

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Foureyes sends dynamic emails, automatically, one day after the contact becomes eligible or you make inventory changes on your website. Emails are sent based on the combination of the following:

New contact added via website lead action, CRM, or list

Suggested Vehicle campaign: This email campaign is initially triggered when

  1. A new lead fills out a form (they must provide their email address)

  2. A new lead chats (they must provide their email address)

  3. Prospect Engagement Pro Only: The CRM is first connected to Foureyes, and collects all new CRM leads from the last 2 days not marked ‘Sold’ or ‘Do Not Contact’. 

  4. Prospect Engagement Pro Only: Any new lead record added to the CRM (only applies when the CRM is connected). 

Additionally for 1-4, each contact must have an identifiable Vehicle of Interest to enable Suggested Vehicle emails to be sent.

Changes to inventory on your website

New on Lot campaign: Emails are triggered to contacts when new inventory is added to you lot that match the contact's vehicles preferences.

Price Drop campaign: Emails are triggered to contacts when inventory they viewed has dropped at least by the price threshold your dealership has selected (this is $250 by default). The email triggers within 24 hours of the change to the price on the website. Price Drop emails can only trigger based on the text price listed on the website that is not embedded within an image.

Tip: Have inventory you have to move? Drop the price on specific vehicles by at least $250+ to trigger a Price Drop email for all interested customers.

(P.S. The default threshold for a price drop email is $250, but you can choose to customize that amount, just contact us.)

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