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Getting started with Prospect Engagement

New to Foureyes Prospect Engagement? Start here to learn more

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Welcome to Foureyes Prospect Engagement! Being new to the product, you probably want to dive in and see all the things you can DO with your latest purchase. But here’s the thing: Foureyes’ Prospect Engagement tool was designed to make your life easier. That means once you’ve completed the setup process, you pretty much get to kick back. We know it’s a little different, so let’s talk it through.

Getting onboarded

Someone at your dealership signed up for Prospect Engagement and provided us with an onboarding contact(s). Our setup team and that contact(s) are working through the details required to onboard your dealership, including:

If this didn’t happen as planned or if you want to change your onboarding contact, get in touch. We’ll get it sorted out right away.

Learning your dealership

Once setup is complete, Foureyes checks your CRM to see who is in-market and starts monitoring your website. Website monitoring includes tracking both your website shoppers and inventory, like current stock and pricing changes.

This initial learning phase takes about a week, during which time the Vehicle of Interest Algorithm (aka the VIA or the brains of Foureyes Prospect Engagement) is learning your business. It’s establishing a baseline of what inventory you have in stock, how it’s priced, and who is looking at what.

Who receives emails

Emails go out to all new leads generated through website forms and chats. Emails also go out to anyone in your CRM who meets the following criteria:

  • They have an email address

  • They aren’t marked as sold or do not contact

  • They have a vehicle of interest listed on the CRM record

Launching the first emails

Using the information the Vehicle of Interest Algorithm learned over the first week, Foureyes starts sending dynamic emails on your behalf. (This is a moment we like to celebrate, so don’t be surprised when you get an email from us alerting you that the first email has gone out).

Shoppers who meet the criteria receive personalized emails, highlighting the inventory they are interested in. They’ll receive four different email types, personalized to their vehicle preferences:

When an email is sent, Foureyes will add a note in the contact record in your CRM, and you can click the link to see the specific message they received.

Tip: Don’t be alarmed if volume starts slow. It grows quickly!

Checking performance

Your Email Log Dashboard will be live the day your first email goes out. Check it as often as you’d like. Just login here—or don’t.

To make things easier, we’ll also email you performance data at regular intervals, so you only have to login if you want to.

Letting it roll

From there, Foureyes is going to keep doing its thing. It gets smarter. More shoppers are added to the campaigns. People will click through to VDPs and shop your website. Sometimes they will respond. Other times, people will buy. When purchases happen, we’ll automatically stop emailing people based on a status of ‘Sold’ in your CRM. (And any of your shoppers can unsubscribe at any time.)

And through all of this, you don’t have to do anything. We know that probably doesn’t line up with the work ethic lessons instilled in you by former generations. But most everything else you have to do is hard. It’s OK to let this one thing be easy!

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