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Using the Visitors List to monitor real-time opportunities
Using the Visitors List to monitor real-time opportunities

Don’t just follow up based on a set schedule, follow up based on who is shopping now

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In this article, we’ll cover what the Visitors’ List is and how to use it to monitor your returning prospects in real time.

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Continue on to discover your prospect's inventory views, search terms and more!

In this article, we’ll cover what the Visitors’ List is and how to use it to monitor your returning prospects in real time.

What is it?

From the Qualified Visitors section in the Sales Enablement tab, you’ll see a list of qualified prospects who’ve returned to your website over the last two weeks.

People get on this list in one of two ways:

  1. They completed a lead action on your website (form, chat, or phone call)

  2. They clicked on a Prospect Engagement email

When it comes to calls made to your dealership, Foureyes analysis separates the wheat from the chaff so you can focus on the real buyers browsing your inventory with purchase potential.

Monitor Website Activity to Identify Opportunities

This list is like a guest book of everyone to visit your virtual showroom. The most recent visitors automatically appear at the top of the Last Web Activity column. Read it as a log of when prospects last visited your website. Buying a car was just recently top of mind for your prospect when they were online!

Compare their website activity side-by-side to the Last CRM Activity column, which shows your team’s last recorded follow-up. Is it time to reach out again?

Check the Last Web Activity Details for insights into their last website visit. Sometimes you’ll see inventory views in this column. If you want to view every prospects’ Last Viewed, you can add that column to find out more about what they’re looking for at a glance!

Dig deeper by navigating to a lead’s Profile Page: click on prospect’s name to view a complete picture of their activity on your website. You’ll find inventory views, search terms, Suggested Talk Tracks that can help you in your follow-up!

Target Specific Prospects Using Filters

Filters target prospects by criteria, allowing you to focus on a category of prospects you’d like to sell to.

To filter your Visitors’ List, click the Add Filters button.

Using the right-hand pop-up menu, try filtering by options like Last Lead Action Type, and click Save Filter Selections to view results. To remove filters and return to your full list, click clear all.

Surface Key Info About Prospects with Columns

You may be looking at some information you care about, and some you don’t. Click the Columns button to add information you care about.

Reviewing follow-up? You already know when it happened with Last CRM activity column. But maybe you’d also like to see what the Last CRM Follow-up was with Last CRM Details.

Check the boxes to show columns and uncheck to hide columns. Hit save to update columns to those you selected. Show total visits, CRM activity, by owner and more!

Arrange the data any way you like. You can sort any columns in the order that they happened by using up and down arrows next to the headers.

Use the Visitor’s list to:

  • Review phone calls

  • Check in on your team’s CRM activity

  • Follow-up with prospects as they return

  • And much, much more!

Export Lists for Deeper Audits

At any point you can export your list directly into Excel to further analyze, merge and print the data.

The Visitors’ List lets you organize data your way and review your follow-up process!

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