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The Profile Page

See a prospect's entire shopping and activity history

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The Profile Page is the best place to go before following up with a prospect. It has the prospect’s entire activity history on your website, inventory of interest, CRM activity and all of their leads in one place.

Note: Certain Profile Page information is not available without the Sales Enablement module

Summary Details

In the left panel you will see high level information about the prospect, including their contact information, CRM information, last website activity, and inventory of interest. Easily click to view this prospect in your CRM via the “View in CRM” button to log a note or create a task. You can also Snooze or Hide the prospect via the ellipses button dropdown.


The Timeline section is a log of all activity relating to the prospect, including website pageviews, searches, lead actions, emails received from Foureyes, and CRM follow-up activity. You can toggle the view to see ‘All History,’ ‘Visitor History’ or ‘CRM Activity.’

Use the Timeline to see how your follow-up has affected your prospects shopping activity, or to dig even deeper into their shopping habits.


The Interests section of the Profile page provides a detailed view of the prospect’s shopping activity, inventory views and searches to help understand the prospect’s needs and interests. Here you will get insights into the prospect’s browsing price range, inventory they have looked at along with how many times they’ve viewed specific inventory, and all terms they have searched on your website. 

This is where to find Suggested Talk Tracks, these are helpful conversation starters to use when reaching out.

Tip: Look at a prospect’s Interests section before follow-up as you may learn new information about what the shopper has been looking at on your website since the last time you talked to them.

Lead Actions

The Lead Actions section is where you can see all of the prospect’s calls, chats and forms. It includes a log and summary of each lead, including recordings you can listen to for all calls, inventory associated with the lead and a Foureyes Summary note if you have the Safety Net module. 

Use the Lead Actions section to understand all of your opportunities with this prospect and refresh your memory on the details of their last lead.

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